Private Company "Grupotest" calls your attention to the fact that the Ukrainian market possesses the analogue product - "Eritrotest-Colikloni", produced by Hematolog LLC, Russia, Moscow, which does not meet a number of requirements put forward by the Ukrainian legislation:

- Law of Ukraine "On sanctions" (Vedomosti of the Supreme Rada (VSD), 2014, No. 40 and regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 11, 2014 (No. 829-р) which defines: "state procurements of the goods, works and services from the state-owned legal entities - residents of the Russian Federation and legal entities, which share of the authorized capital is owned by the Russian Federation, and from other economic entities, which sell the goods, works and services originated from the Russian Federation, except the cases when the substitution of such items of procurement is impossible, which is confirmed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, shall be prohibited";

- Article 26 of Law of Ukraine "On principles of the state language policy";

- Article 15 of Law of Ukraine "On consumers' rights protection".

The supporting documentation on "Eritrotest-Colikloni", namely instructions and certificates of analysis, is stated in the Russian language only. Packing and marking are given only in the Russian language, too. On the marking there are no symbols as per DSTU EN 980: 2007 "Graphic symbols for marking of medicinal products". Information in Ukrainian is absent. Based on the open sources information, we have established the fact the medical goods of "Eritrotest-Colikloni", produced by Hematolog LLC, Russia, Moscow were not processed through the customs clearance in Ukraine. These violations together with other breaches do not allow the temperature conditions during transportation and storage (2-8 ° С), which guarantee the quality preservation for such products, to be traced.

Therefore, the lawfulness and rightfulness of purchasing the products of "Eritrotest-Colikloni", Hematolog LLC, Russia, Moscow for budgetary funds by the medical institutions of Ukraine cause doubts.

We offer to purchase and use diagnostic monoclonal reagents, produced in Ukraine, for budgetary funds.

Letter from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine about the absence of the registration of several colikloni: