Dear Colleagues,

Hereby we inform you that PC Grupotest has been producing sets of standard erythrocytes and solutions for determining the human blood group using AB0, Rh, Kell and anti-erythrocyte antibodies "Grupotest" for transfusiology and clinical medicine since 2017. These kits are used to control the quality of the reagents used for research (specificity and activity), cross-reaction in the determination of blood groups according to the AB0 system, to confirm the reliability of studies according to the order of the Ministry of Health No. 164 dated 05.07.1999 "Determination of blood groups according to AB0 systems, Rh and immune antibodies ".

Set No. 1 (4 tubes of 5 ml each) Standard erythrocytes for determining human blood groups according to ABO systems, Rhesus "Grupotest":

-20% suspension of erythrocytes 0 Rh - neg. ccdee

-20% erythrocyte suspension 0 Rh + pos. CcDEe

-20% erythrocyte suspension A1 Rh + pos.

-20% erythrocyte suspension B Rh + pos.

Standard erythrocytes are produced according to TU U 21.2-36816271-002: 2017 and comply with the Technical Regulations for medical devices for in vitro diagnostics in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated October 2, 2013 No. 754.

Standard RBC kits are classified as blood typing reagents and have the codes:

according to GK 021: 2015 (CPV2008) - 33696100-6 Reagents for determining the blood group;

according to GK 016-2010 - 21.20.23-20.00 Reagents for determining the blood group;

UKTVED code - 3006 20 00 00.