Private Enterprise "GRUPOTEST" - Ukrainian producer of a set of diagnostic monoclonal reagents meant for defining the human blood groups. Video tutorials on YouTube channel

Private Enterprise "GRUPOTEST" - designer and producer of the "Set of diagnostic monoclonal reagents meant for defining the human blood groups by АВ0, Rhesus, Kell systems and immune antibodies "Grupotest"
Diagnostic monoclonal reagent anti-А IgM
Diagnostic monoclonal reagent anti-В IgM
Diagnostic monoclonal reagent anti-АВ IgM
Diagnostic monoclonal reagent anti-С IgM
Diagnostic monoclonal reagent anti-D IgM
Diagnostic monoclonal reagent anti-D / DVI IgM / IgG
Diagnostic monoclonal reagent anti-Е IgM
Diagnostic monoclonal reagent anti-с IgM
Diagnostic monoclonal reagent anti-е IgM
Diagnostic monoclonal reagent anti-K IgM
Diagnostic polyspecific anti-human globulin anti - C3d IgM / IgG for the Coombs test

Diagnostic monoclonal reagents , included into the set, are meant for defining the human blood group using the most common and susceptible methods.
They are convenient in work, preserving high quality during 2-2,5 years, thus being the best for the consumers.
The products of PC "Grupotest" for defining the human blood group are used by the majority of laboratories, blood banking centers, diagnostic centers, polyclinics, hospitals, obstetric institutions of Ukraine.

Our specialists provide complete methodological support. Delivery is made at the producer's expense. We are always ready within the shortest period of time to satisfy your request for our products, being always in stock.

The Company in its activities is governed by the requirements of the international standard DSTU ISO 13485, Technical Guidelines on medicinal products for the diagnostics in vitro and requirements of other regulatory instruments if effect in Ukraine:

-Certificate on implementing and supporting the Quality Management System according to DSTU ISO 13485 "Production and sales of medicinal products for in vitro diagnostics" No. 027-15 dated March 23, 2015.

- TU U 24.4-36816271-001: 2010

- Stare Registration Certificate No. 9912/2010 dated May 13, 2015.

- Certificate of Conformity No. UA.TR. 039.046-15 dated October 15, 2015 to the requirements of the Technical Guidelines on medicinal products for the diagnostics in vitro, approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 754 dated October 02, 2013

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PE "Grupotest" calls your attention to the fact that the Ukrainian market possesses the analogue product - "Eritrotest-Colikloni", produced by Hematolog LLC, Russia, Moscow. The name "Colicloni", unlike "monoclonal reagents", is not ain international term, and is derived from "COLIPC" - Central Scientific and Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion Of Lenin Order in Russia.